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OHMEGA Steel Tube Technology

Ohmega Resistors are resistors based on steel tube technology. They can be air cooled or water cooled.

Water cooled resistors can be supplied from a standard line from 5kW to 500kW having protection degree IP00 – IP65.

Air Cooled types can be used in aggressive environments and if high degree of protection is required.

OHMEGA OEM Resistor Elements

The Resistor Wire in these elements is mounted in a compressed steel tube and fixed by compressed MgO.
Applications are: Water cooled resistors, High Voltage Snubber Resistors, High Load High Temperature Load Resistors and Air Cooled Resistors in aggressive environments.  

GxxRT medium to large, air cooled resistors

OHMEGA medium to large air cooled steel tube resistors, GRT series

Steel tube resistors mounted in brackets.

Power                          9 – 32kW

Working voltage            1.100V

Dielectric strength         3.500 VAC

Insulation value             > 20 MΩ

Protection degree          IP65


TRV forced air cooled resistors

TRV forced air cooled steel tube resistors


Power                            50 – 275kW

Fans                              3 phase 230/400V

Protection degree            IP65

Insulation resistance        >200MΩ


TRV.36                    100kW

TRV.64                    175kW

TRV.100                   275kW


SV style Small Water Cooled Resistors

Power Range 5kW - 22 kW (Steady State). 

Steel Tube Resistors mounted in a stainless steel tank with length dependíng on nominal power and diameter 76mmØ.
To be mounted with standard tube mounting brackets. 

PCG style, steel tube resistors

Designed for heavy application and to withstand long time overload. Covered in stainless steel AISI 304. Case made in zinc plated steel or in stainless steel if requested.

WHBS medium power, Water Cooled Resistors

WHBS ´fully welded´ style resistors are medium power resistors ranging from 3.5 to 45kW and made completely from stainless steel.


WHB Medium Power, Water Cooled, Aluminium profile Resistors

Power range:

WHB 16 from 6 - 10 kW Steel Tube Resistorn mounted in Aluminium Profiles, dielectric strength 3.5kV AC @ 50Hz during 1 minute

WHDN, High Power, Water Cooled Resistors

The Ohmega steel tube resistors, series WHDN, are high power, water cooled brake resistors. They are mainly used on board of vessels and, because of there construction, can be used in harsh environments.

WHDN 100       25 - 80kW

WHDN 150       80 - 180kW

WHDN 200       150 - 450kW

WHDN 250       280 - 600kW

WHDN 300       600 - 1.300kW

V14 High Power, Water Cooled Resistors

Steel Tube Resistors mountes in Water Tanks.

Power Range: 44kW - 500 kW
(Steady State)



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