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The TERA Brake Resistors for medium and very large drives. These resistors are cooled by either natural or forced air.

Neutral Grounding Resistors for high voltage power networks.

The TERA resistors are modular and can be assembled to fulfill all requirements for Power.
Power Range:  From 3 kW to "X" MW

Protection Degree: IP00 – IP23

Two types of resistor material are available:
Type BRC; High Temperature , Low temperature coefficient: Cr,Al,Fe:(Ferritic Stainless Steel EN1-4724)
Type BRD; High Corrosive Resistance, High Temperature coefficient: Aisi 304.

The following data are valid for EN 1-4724 Resistors  


TERA Resistance Blocks

Tera Steel Grid Resistor Blocks Type BRC B / BRD B
can be supplied with up to 30 elements.
The nominal power with 30 elements is 15kW steady state.


Tera Steel Grid Resistor Blocks with mounting brackets.
Type BRC D / BRD D
Each resistor module has one  resistor block
More modules can be connected. 


Tera Steel Grid Resistor Blocks mounted in IP20 housings.
Type BRC F / BRD F
This version is the most economical ready to use version for in door applications. 


Tera Steel Grid Resistor Blocks mounted in IP23 housings.
Type BRC M / BRD M for internal cable connections without cable glands
Type BRC N / BRD N for internal cable connection with cable glands
This version is is for out door mounting i.e. on cranes 


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