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Dynamic Braking Resistors

Since the beginning of the 1990’s the main product range of Danotherm products has been DYNAMIC BRAKING RESISTORS used in connection with Frequency Converters. These resistors are constructed for high pulse loads.


The SIGMA range is our traditional general purpose brake resistors family for medium power ranges. These resistors are based on a traditional technology, the resistor elements consists of wirewound cement coated ceramic resistors. These resistors are economical and long time proven reliable.
The ALPHA range is our new medium power resistor family. These are wirewound resistors mounted in aluminium profiles and embedded in SiO sand or Al2O3 powder. This resistor range has a very high capability of pulse load still keeping a relatively low temperature on the surface. Alpha Resistors have a modern design look and they are optimized to be a part of a modern compact unit.

The OHMEGA range resistors are based on STEEL TUBE resistor technology. They can be air cooled or water cooled. Air cooled resistors can be an economical solution if the ratio between pulse load and average load is high (ED > 30 – 40%).


The TERA range consists of Steel Grid resistor elements. They are constructed to withstand very high power.



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